About Us

Our strength lies in knowing how to cradle a startup from infancy to million-dollar organization. We have successfully helped companies build products from just back-of-napkin ideas.

We team up with clients to build remarkable products. Structured as a nimble software development shop, we dedicate ourselves to long-term relationships. We back fresh ideas with necessary technical inputs required to create an offering.

We have extensive experience in building digital products for startups and custom software for small businesses. We are focussed upon both the design and functionality of product we are making; thereby providing seamless experience for our clients. We specialize in handling problems across a range of industries like building custom software for professional sports wearable devices to e-commerce marketplaces. We use open-source technologies like Ruby on Rails, Python, Java, JavaScript and frameworks like React JS and Node JS. We have maintained open source, Erlang-based projects to build / maintain scalable products.

Our Address Romney Place, Maidstone, Kent, ME15 6LG, U.K.

JSS STEP , Sector 62 , NOIDA, UP, India.
E-mail sales@pinservices.in